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4 Golf Courses to play on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Published January 4, 2019 in Africa , Canary Islands - 0 Comments
La Jandià Golf Club - Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the perfect winter golf escapade

Situated on the Moroccan offshore, Fuerteventura is well-known as a plebiscite for wind and kite-surfers but rarely golfers. With four golf courses spread over the second biggest island of the Canary Islands, it would be a sliced shot landing out of bounds to avoid it during your next exotic golf getaway. Moreover, the climate is close to perfection, granting the golfers 365 days of golf.  All of the golf courses are situated on the south part of the island. Fuerteventura Golf Clubs, Las Salinas de Antigùa, Las Playitas or La Jandìa, which one you will go for?

Fuerteventura Golf Club: the amazing facility golf resort

Fuerteventura Golf Club
Fuerteventura Golf Club

Host of the Spanish Open from 2002 to 2004, this complex is providing you all the services from a 5 stars resort. The golf course is attached to the Elba Hotel. The golf reception desk situated on the ground floor is massive and will provide you everything you need if you had forgotten anything, from balls to accessories, and apparel.  The driving range has 50 spots but you may face the sun in the morning. Something to consider if you plan to stay a few days to practice. The course is quite long and technical, with a lot landing blind spots, but the large fairways are here to save you from any slice or hook. From the 7th up to the 9th, the path is steeper. In between the 8th hole is welcoming you as if it was a stand-alone golf hole. The view of the green is quite something.

Despite a challenging design, the golf course has an average maintenance. In addition, when I reviewed it, the back 9 were closed for intensive reconstruction works.

Las Salinas de Antigua: the open space heading to the sea

Las Salinas de Antigua - Fuerteventura
Las Salinas de Antigua

As a neighbor of the Fuerteventura Golf Club, Las Salinas de Antigua offers a completely different experience.

The golf entrance is on the top of a hill. Once you parked your car, you get into a nice clubhouse where the bay window offers you an iconic view – the deep blue sea merging with a light blue sky.

The course is quite easy. No real traps. Except those huge pieces of pure water.  Indeed, the golf course has its own desalination plant, extracting salty water from the sea and transforming it to water the entire course. The quality/price ratio is extremely good. Their sunset pricing plus a golf cart is affordable for all the golfers.

Jandià Golf Resort: the closest golf from the legendary Cofete Beach

Jandià Golf Resort - Fuerteventura
Photo courtesy of Jandià Golf Resort

The south of the island is dedicated to big hotel resorts but the golf course La Jandià is situated between two hills making it feel like it was the only human footprint in the neighborhood.

These 18 holes has all you need as a golfer. A pro-shop, 20 driving ranges spots but the spa in the hotel attached to it will provide you a perfect post-round relaxation.

The green-fee is around 78€ (£70).  As an average, you will have to add 14€ (£12.5) to access to the practice area.

Las Playitas Golf Club

Las Playitas Golf Club - Fuerteventura
Las Playitas Golf Club (Photo courtesy of Playitas Golf Resort)

Part of a big resort too, Las Playitas golf course, this 18-hole (par 67) will provide you a hilly experience, where you must learn to play the golf ball under or above your feet!

Most of the golfers who played the course acknowledged that some holes are really challenging. The only negative point raised by some of the players is that the course in ending by a series of par-3’s, as if the architect was running of space to make it bigger.

The green fee is around 60€ (£53). Because of the weather and the rolling hills, a golf cart may be needed.

When to go and where to stay

All year long the weather is steadily the same. Temperatures during winter rarely drop under 18 degrees. However, in the summer, the thermometer is often reaching often 30 degrees. That’s why, the best season to go is from October to March. Remember that, at the beginning and at the end of this period, golf courses are proceeding to do maintenance work. Nevertheless, with four great courses, you will never feel short of a golf game.

To travel around, I recommend a 4-wheel drive. When I was there, I didn’t get the SUV I requested and ended up with a sedan. Bad choice since a lot of roads are dirt if you want to explore the corner of the island. More over the rental prices are very competitive compared to continental Europe.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from offering an expansive range of services. There are also several villas for rent on a weekly basis. An option to consider especially if you are travelling with your golf fellows.

Why not the other islands?

Fuerteventura offers golf jewels from just a few hours flight. It’s worth it. And you won’t need a sun warrantee during your stay. In addition, you will have the opportunity between your rounds to discover some treasures such as Barranco de los Amorados. It’s remote place where patience and rocky roads will take your breath away. If you are not the sight-seeing type of person, you can always register for a buggy trip in the sand dunes or find the best snorkeling spot. Being the second largest island of the archipelago, you can find everything you need. For example, while I was walking around after eating a fresh fish of the day for lunch, I stumbled upon a bowling green in Corralejo.

The last thing I need to tell you is that the food is amazing and quite cheap compared to European standards. And the Spanish food is excellent. I would suggest your try some sea-view restaurants around El Cotillo. Don’t worry if you are not that acquainted with Spanish. It’s rare not to find someone that doesn’t speak English and most of the time menus and other important information are in English too.

Exited to go? Let us know in the comments your thoughts about golfing in Fuerteventura.

*Words and photos by Nicolas Bykoff – Golf Writer and Founding Editor at*

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