Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn

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Amazing Thailan

An interview with Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn

I’ve just returned from two unforgettable weeks of golf and exploring Amazing Thailand and I’m so jacked to share my adventures, but these stories will have to wait for now.  As serendipity would have it, Jane and I were honoured this Tuesday to have a private interview with two of the best female golfers in the world prior to this week’s LPGA CP Canadian Women’s Open at Magna Golf Club in Aurora.

Ariya & Moriya Jutanugarn

The sister act of Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn have made headlines since they turned pro in 2013. Moriya (Mo) came onto the stage in a big way by winning the ‘LPGA Rolex Rookie of the Year’ and currently ranks in the Top 25 of the World.  Younger sister Ariya (May) is the reigning ‘LPGA Player of the Year’ and ‘Tour Money Winner’, a feat she accomplished in 2016.  This pair are the ideal ambassadors to promote golf in Thailand.

So, I’m sure that you can understand why I was a little intimated by these well-accomplished ladies. As best I could, I blurted out ‘Sa-wat-de Krub’ (hello) with hands palmed together – a respectful welcome in Thai culture.  I tried to say ‘Pood Pa Sa Thai mai dai’ (I can’t speak Thai) but it probably came out as ‘Pad Thai No’ since I got a blank stare and in unison they said: “We love Thai food”.  I would find out more about that later. Note to self, even though I tried, stick with yes (Chai) and no (Mai Chai) and of course, thank you (Khob Khun Krug) so as not to embarrass yourself.

Here are a few highlights from my interview.

Ariya Jutanugarn

I asked Ariya – “Our Canadian women’s golfer Brooke Henderson won the Canadian CP Open last year.  What is your career highlight?” Without hesitation Ariya responded, “I’d say the US Open last year. I had a seven-stroke lead, and I had only nine holes to play and it ended up that I went into a playoff, four holes…but it ended up a great experience.”

I said that must have been tough mentally and physically. Ariya agreed with a genuine smile and said that it has made her a stronger competitor.

Moriya Jutanugarn

Speaking of competition, I was curious if there was any rivalry between these two sisters when they were both vying for the win.  I have a younger brother and we’re constantly comparing what we do so I asked Moriya if they inspired each other or also made comparisons.

Moriya & Ariya Jutanugarn displaying their Khao Yum

Moriya told me that they have been competing against each other since they were children but instead of comparing, they freely share their thoughts, feelings and experiences which helps them both improve their game. However, Moriya was quick to say that doesn’t hold true when it comes to cooking because “I know I’m better!” That made me laugh out loud, as just prior to sitting down for this interview, the ladies had prepared a traditional Thai rice dish to share with their guests, and I have to admit that Moriya definitely seemed more at ease demonstrating her culinary talent with the same passion she displays for golf.

Authentic Thai ingredients for Khao Yum Rice Salad

I was inspired when I asked what advice they would give a young girl who wanted to start golfing.  Moriya said: “You’ve got to do everything with joy!”  Both girls agreed that balance is everything – family, what you like, and your job because when you are balanced, everything is going to be good because you are happy.

As I post this article, I’m sure both sisters are delighted as at the end of Day 2 of the Canadian Women’s Open Ariya is 6 under and remains a strong contender.

To listen to the entire interview with Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn visit:


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