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Get Cooking in Cabos Mexico by Jane Finn

San Josè del Cabo Mexico – It’s just after eight on Saturday morning. The hotel is quiet at this time of day with only a few people on the beach catching some early rays. With cafe in hand I thought this would be a great spot to sit and quietly make notes but I no sooner got settled into my lounger when I spotted a whale spout and then another and another. It was game on as they arched and breached and cavorted along the ocean’s surface before making a deep dive that signalled they were moving on to entertain another group of onlookers.   What an awesome way to start my morning! I figure it was nature’s way of reminding me that you’ve got to do more than just sip the coffee, you’ve also got to savour the moment, wherever you are.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with one of the most gracious chefs I have ever met and a man with a vision. Nineteen years ago Enrique Silva decided to move from “the front of the house” to the kitchen when he opened the Tequila Restaurant in the historical district of San José del Cabo and despite the challenges, he’s never looked back.

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Mexico - Get Cooking in Cabos for Travel Dreams Magazine Jan 2015

Mexico – Get Cooking in Cabos for Travel Dreams Magazine Jan 2015