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New Zealand – The Sound of Silence

Published November 15, 2023 in New Zealand - 0 Comments
New Zealand South Island

Join Jane Finn for an Epic Road Trip as she navigates the highways and byways of New Zealand’s South Island

Words by Jane Finn Photography by Jan Helebrant – As published in the summer issue of Planet Golf Review

It’s 6:45 in the morning, and the rain continues to beat a constant tattoo on the roof of our camper van. We had planned to leave Wellington yesterday, but the seas were running so high that our ferry crossing was cancelled. Instead, we’ve spent the night on the dock, wedged between two transport trucks, somewhat buffeted by the fierce winds ripping through New Zealand’s capital. Patiently waiting in the queue, I cross my fingers and pray that the weather gods will cooperate, and within minutes the horn sounds, signaling it’s time to commence boarding.

Typically, once we’re aboard, I race for the upper deck to get an unobstructed view, but today the skies are gray and gloomy, and I’m beginning to feel a bit dull. Rather than brave the elements, this time, I opt for a seat in the cabin where it’s warm and dry.

Our voyage across the Tasman Sea was uneventful, and as we approached Picton Harbour, I wandered outside. That’s when I realized it had been more than a week since I last saw the sun, and then, suddenly, the clouds parted, and my energy shifted. I look at the crowd waiting to disembark; everyone is beaming as brilliantly as the noon sun that has decided to grace us with her presence. It’s a good omen, and now I’m excited to get ashore and start exploring Te Waipounamu, New Zealand’s South Island.

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