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Boracay Phillipines Revisited

Published April 7, 2020 in Asia , Philippines - 1 Comment
Boracay - Philippines

Boracay – Paradise Reclaimed

By Jane Finn as published in Issue 15 of Planet Golf Review

It was almost fourteen years ago when I first laid eyes on Boracay, and it was love at first sight. To this day, the word I use to describe my first experience is idyllic. You see, I had been in Makati for over a month, working day and night in the nascent call centre industry, and desperately needed a break. At that time, Boracay was virtually unknown and certainly unfamiliar to me, but a poster enticed me to step inside a local travel agency.

Orchids Resort Boracay

The simple, laid back Orchids Resort is a two-minute walk to the beach

In the blink of an eye, I booked a flight to the Caticlan airport, passage to Boracay aboard a Paraw, and made a reservation for a modest room at the Orchids Resort, a backpackers’ haven that suited this solo traveller’s limited budget to a tee. What was even more astounding was the fact that within a mere six hours, I was checked into my room and found myself consulting with Lynn, the proprietor, to discover what this small island truly had to offer.

For the next few days, based on his sage advise, I sought to explore the nooks and crannies of Boracay and was never disappointed.

Ilig Illigan Beach Boracay

Ilig Illigan Beach is virtually deserted.

Every day, I was up at the crack of dawn to walk the 4-kilometre stretch of powdery sand of White Beach, consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in the world. Most mornings, the beach was virtually deserted except for a couple of locals who started their day, well in advance of the rising sun, sculpting intricate sandcastles.

Sand castles on Boracay

These three dimensional sand castles were truly works of art

They knew full well that their efforts would be washed asunder when the tide rolled in but they didn’t stop until that day’s creation was perfect. They didn’t do it for money or recognition. They did it to honour the gifts that nature had bestowed upon their island. Still, I dropped a couple of bills in their pail to thank them for their service and continued to return every morning to admire and acknowledge their creativity, tenacity and fearlessness of what a new day would bring. On my second day, I hired a local guide, Dani, to show me Boracay through his eyes…..

To read the rest of her article visit page 10 of Planet Golf Review Issue 15.

Planet Golf Review Issue 15Boracay - Paradise Reclaimed for Planet Golf Review

Page 10 of Planet Golf Review Issue 15 

Boracay - Paradise Reclaimed for Planet Golf Review

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