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Ecuador Guided Tour

Published April 9, 2019 in Ecuador , South America - 1 Comment
Galapagos Ecuador

Soul Searching in Ecuador

Jane Finn finds Ecuador is more than a destination, but a calling of the heart and soul

As published in the April 2019 Issue of Planet Golf Review

The allure of Ecuador is undeniable – four continents in one; all within easy reach of the average tourist or the intrepid traveler.  There are coastal towns, pristine beaches, and of course, the Galápagos; world heritage designated UNESCO cities like Quito and Cuenca, teeming with life and brimming with possibilities. For those of you that prefer cooler climes you can head to the highlands and the mountain cloud forests, and if you have a truly adventurous soul, the Amazon awaits.

Ecuador, for the most part is largely undiscovered. Traveling within the country by air or bus is easy, affordable and surprisingly efficient. Ecuadorians are hospitable, proud of their heritage and traditions. Respect for people and the environment is the cornerstone of Ecuadorian tourism.

Life here centres around family. It’s a heart-based culture – simple and uncomplicated. Nowhere will you encounter long queues or hordes of tourists. Perhaps that’s the reason why you won’t find the most idyllic spots listed in the guidebooks. It’s only through conversations with the locals or fellow travelers that the best kept secrets are revealed. Here are just a few highlights of our incredible journey.

To read Jane’s entire article on the Galapagos and Ecuador in the the April edition of Planet Golf Review visit pages 9 to 13 at or click below.

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