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6 Golf Courses You Should Be Playing – Agent Magazine

Agent Magazine - Best Than Most

Better Than Most: 6 Golf Courses You Should Be Playing Now

by Dave Finn as published in the August 2017 edition of Agent Magazine

When designing a golf course, location and nature provide the raw canvas. How the architect works with the terrain and topography determines whether or not it will be a masterpiece. Here are six courses that have memorably mastered that canvas.

Resort Course

Stonehaven at Glade Springs, West Virginia

Stonehaven Golf Course at Glade Springs

Stonehaven at Glade Springs 16th tee

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Chambers Bay and Salish Cliffs Washington State

Published June 18, 2015 in USA , Washington State - 0 Comments
Chambers Bay Seattle

Chambers Bay and Salish Cliffs Golf Course – The Jewels of the Pacific Northwest

Seattle, WA – Typically in my articles I talk about holes and yardages, conditions and considerations when you’re choosing a course to play or a destination to visit. Today, I’d like to take a slightly different tact and give you a bit of the back story on two magnificent courses that without a doubt, you’ll want to play when you visit Washington State.

While this week all eyes will be focused on Chambers Bay host to this year’s US Open, let’s start where I began at Salish Cliffs Golf Club, a course that was built to quote Superintendent Bob Pearsall, “In harmony with habitat.” You see, Salish translates to ‘People of the Water’ and as soon as I set foot on the property I immediately understood the connection to the land.

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